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Your website literally sells your products and services, even if you don’t have a shopping cart. It can attract customers or unfortunately lead them somewhere else. Our web support staff has the expertise you need to make your website SHINE!

  • Need to increase your SEO?
  • Lack the skills or time to create or manage blogs, update pages, or refresh your site design?
  • Need WordPress assistance or installation of plug-ins?
  • Do you have broken links, grammatical errors, or need optimization?

Our team of professional Virtual Assistants understand owning a business can be challenging and often there just isn’t enough time in the day! Administrative and Executive Assistants can help with everything from day-to-day tasks to ensuring you and your team stay organized, focused, and never skip a beat!

  • Do you need basic, intermediate, or executive support?
  • Do you have countless hours available to spend searching for the “perfect” candidate?
  • Are you wasting your precious time on tasks that could be handled by someone else? Hiring a Virtual Assistant enables you to spend more time focusing on your business needs, customer retention, and growth.
  • Need some help planning your corporate event or meeting?

Love it or hate it – social media is here to stay! It’s the best way to create brand awareness, promote your product or service, and most importantly obtain new customers!

  • Do you have a social media strategy? Do you want to send out newsletters, grow your contact list, start a membership, or sell an online course?
  • Do you struggle to find the time to create great content or eye-catching graphics for your posts? Are you overwhelmed with posting on a regular basis?
  • Do you have a social media publishing tool or even know how to use one?
  • What about analytics? Are you recognizing real results from your current marketing strategy?

The IRS receives approximately 4 million applications for new businesses each year. But nearly 66% of entrepreneurs will fail within 25 months of launching their business. How will you preserve your dream? How will you protect your investment? Check out our New Business Checklist to ensure you are on the right track.

  • Do you know how to register with state and federal agencies? Have you chosen a business name or structure?
  • Do you need help with the basics? Do you have the right equipment or system(s) in place? How will you manage projects or retain clients?
  • What are your goals? How will you reach them? Do you have business plan or a coach/mentor?
  • Will you have the time and energy to accomplish all of the necessary tasks quickly? Have you considered how long it might be before you turn a profit?
  • Renée Morgan, Founder & CEO
    "We’ve had tremendous growth since hiring TLC for our VA services! Before TLC, I was looking for qualified, dependable candidates and TLC delivered! Their team listened to my needs and provided a valuable selection of VA candidates to choose.  They have been AMAZING with their customer service….attentive, professional, and efficient. TLC quickly responds to provide solutions for business needs. I would recommend TLC to any business owner or organization at any stage. I have been able to complete projects and scale my business to strategize for sustainability which has made my life as an entrepreneur much easier."
    Renée Morgan, Founder & CEO
    Radient Pearl Coaching & Consulting, LLC
  • Lorie Khatod, PhD
    "TLC Virtual Assistant was such a huge help when I needed last minute administrative support. My VA was proactive, dependable, and meticulous in her preparation and work. I would not hesitate to use their services in another project again. I recommend without reservation."
    Lorie Khatod, PhD
    Director, Executive Agencies at Office of the Surgeon General
  • Kimmy Morris
    "I want to thank TLC Virtual Assistant from the bottom of my heart! They were such a huge help when I needed last minute resume support. Over the last few years, TLC VA has created and then updated my resumes on the fly even when I felt I was being a huge PIA! They are so good at their superpowers! Both resumes not only landed me a position I truly wanted, but the second update even landed me a level-up from the job I originally interviewed for, a huge increase in hourly rate, and the ability to work remotely. I cannot thank them or recommend them enough!"
    Kimmy Morris
    Certified Patient Access Specialist and Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Mark Hoffmeister
    "Our TLC Virtual Assistant completed the tasks assigned with speed and accuracy. We had excellent communication right from the beginning. I will certainly use TLC again when I get behind or just need a fresh set of eyes on a problem or task. Thank you!"
    Mark Hoffmeister
    President, The Tech Pros of Grand Traverse MI