You have questions, we have answers!

Can you tell me more about the process?

We make it easy. Click here to complete the VA Services Request form and submit.

We'll respond via your preferred communication method and set up discovery call to dive a little deeper and understand your pain points, goals, and answer all your questions. After that, most of the burden is on us!

We'll send you qualified candidate resumes for your review.

You choose the VAs you’d like to interview. You give us your preferred date and times and we'll work with the VAs to get the interviews scheduled.

Your interview(s) should take approximately 30 minutes of your time. Once you have selected a VA, we’ll set everything up from there. It’s your decision, but we do all the tedious work!

Is there a contract?

Yes, there will be a basic contract between you and TLC Virtual Assistant to protect your business and ours.

What about security and confidentiality?

We recommend using a password manager. We can assist with some options if you’d like. Our VAs are professional and have experience handling confidentialy and keeping your business secure. All VAs are bound to a contract and NDA agreement and have passed a background check.

What if the relationship doesn’t work out?

By signing the contract, you are required to reach out to us immediately if there is an issue. We will work directly with you and the VA to discuss and resolve any issues in the fastest manner possible. If the fit still isn’t right, we’ll match you with a new candidate with minimal downtime.

How do I pay?

Every Monday, you will receive an invoice that includes a detailed report of the project type, tasks performed, bill rate and total hours for the previous week. You will have 5 business days to initiate payment.

What if I want to hire my VA?

We love our VA’s and our customers. We encourage strong relationships and would be delighted if you choose to add your TLC Virtual Assistant to your team! If you would like to hire your VA, please reach out to us and we’ll discuss the process.

Is there a specific schedule my VA will work?

No, you and your VA can decide the schedule that works best for your business. Because our VA’s work remotely, they usually are very flexible. If you have a specific need for evenings or weekends, please let us know during our initial consultation.

Do I have to pay for days off? What about holidays?

No, you do not. Your VA is a 1099 contractor and only receives pay for actual time worked. They do not work on holidays; and, they are not paid for holidays. All VAs are asked to give each client at least one week notice prior to taking time off. If they are sick, they are asked to notify both you and us immediately.

Am I obligated to sign a VA?

Absolutely not. We're certain we can match you with the perfect VA, but if for some reason you don’t think TLC Virtual Assistant is a good fit or aren't delighted with the candidates presented to you, there is no obligation. We will also decide if you are the right fit for us and our team. Everyone deserves to be happy and satisfied.

Do I have to provide equipment or software?

Our VAs have their own computers, high speed internet, access to printers/scanners, mobile phones, etc. If you have special requirements or software tools that you utilize, you may need to give them access. Every situation is different.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing structure is based on client need, project level, and requirements. Pricing will be determined during the consultation and interview process.

Is there a minimum hours requirement?

Unless otherwise agreed upon by all parties and indicated in the contract (i.e., special one-time project) yes, beginning January 10, 2022, there is a minimum of 12 hours of support required each month. Hours and support needs are discussed during our discovery call and will be outlined in your contract. We realize your goals and tasks may change, but you must be willing to uphold a minimum commitment of 12 hours monthly. This ensures your tasks are being completed in a timely manner and it also ensures our VAs are receiving pay while under contract. Any unused hours will be billed during the last week of each month when your invoice is sent. We understand every business has a budget; however, TLC Virtual Assistant was created to cater to VAs and clients alike. Our mission is to ensure clients receive superb support and that our VAs have great opportunities to do what they love while making a living.

How do I determine what tasks to delegate?

The fear of hiring a VA, along with determining what tasks you want them to perform, is real. The list of tasks a VA can accomplish for you is endless and depends on your business type, your leadership and work style, and what pain points you are experiencing. We've outlined the main components in our Solutions for You tab. However, check out our blogs and you'll find the top 25 tasks a VA can help you with and more delegation topics that may help answer your questions. We are happy to discuss your needs and assess how we can get you comfortable with hiring a VA.